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Welcome to the official wiki for TreeLands by Fissy Games, a next-generation tycoon genre game on Roblox that is currently in beta testing.

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TreeLands Farming

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Game Updates

Updates (12/24/17)

  • Find rare Candy Canes growing on bushes around the map. Sell 20 of them for a limited-time Santa's Sled vehicle!
  • Open presents from under the dual TreeLands Christmas trees
  • Snow snow and more snow!

Updates (3/30/17)

  • Farming
  • Daily Crates
  • UFO/Monster Truck/Racecar Gamepass
  • Five New Fruits
  • Ramped stairs, observation globe, and other new Treehouse sections
  • 100 New Furniture Pieces
  • Two Story Shop
  • Bug fixes

Updates (2/14/17)

  • Fixed preview for furniture & sections
  • New furniture
  • Wall & ceiling furniture support
  • New Valentines Day codes

Updates (1/14/17)

  • Cargo capacities increased / balanced
  • Cargo weight vehicle-slowdown reduced
  • Vehicle pricing fixed
  • Fruit sell prices increased by 20%
  • Jungle music
  • Potato Elite Badge
  • Major bug patches

Hello, wiki user.

TreeLands has been lacking updates and there are fewer things for us to update and maintain. It has been a long time coming but a final decision has been put in place.

The Treelands Wiki will no longer be maintained. If you have any concerns or something that needs to be fixed on the wiki, please message UltChowsk or Vastmine1029.

Thank you for staying with us this long. Hope all goes well with you guys during this new year and on out!

Bureaucrat Vastmine1029, Wiki Bureaucrat

Wiki Staff



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  • Total number of Edits: 17,191
  • Total number of American English Articles: 367
  • Total number of Uploaded Files: 943

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